Monday, January 4, 2010

In Search of Snow - Day 1 - Delhi - Chandigarh - Mandi - Ghiyagi

Early start means,negotiate with fog/smog

Visibility comes down nearly 1-2 meters in Ambala

Does this qualify for Zen Estillo Advertisement

Waterfall in Shringi Vatika

Shringi Vatika & the Waterfall

Entrance to the little garden

This was the road condition from Giyagi - Shoja- Jalori Pass

This is what happens when the temperature in negative

First view of snow peak from Shoja

Jalori Pass

Dhabas @ Jalori Pass

Trekking Route to Serloskar Lake

First glimpse of Serloskar Lake

Serloskar/Frozen Lake

Fresh snow near Serloskar Lake

Our trekking guide - Manohar Lal

Temple near Serloskar Lake

Some night shots @ Shringi Vatika


Pushkar said...

Great Pics Mohan...
BTW I have Canon S5IS for some time now and want to buy good telephoto lense for Bird/Wildlife photography. Saw your thread regd the same in Bcmtouring and thought you can help me out.

Did you purchased them or any suggestions regd which one to buy Canon TC-DC58B or sony VCL-DH1758 ?

I am really looking for good performance...
Awaiting your reply

Pushkar, Bangalore

World of Photography said...

Hi Pushkar,

Thanks for commenting. I have searched for the lens for a longer period of time and didn't able to get one at that time. So I left it as is and went on to buy an SLR Camera.

I recently bumped on to a sale in eBay about the wide & telephoto lens. You might check it out yourself. I have no idea about the performance as I haven't used them nor seen them in action.

Good Luck !!!