Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Give it your best " - Awarness program on Organ Donation and Dances of India Festival - The Great India Place, Noida

Decorations inside the mall

This temporary temple of Lord Nataraja has been built overnight. Kudos to ATS team

The Stage

Odyssey Performance

Bharatanatyam Performance

Dance Performance by Differently abled students from Amar Jyoti

A special mention should be given to the performance by Amar Jyoti kids. They wore smile on their face during the entire performance and there was no limit to their joy while dancing. There were also two boys who were sitting on the wheel chair, constantly rotating it. Their confidence level was so high such that the wheelie looked like a routine.

Somersault by a girl

The little girl without hands... I didn't notice this at first instance but later made aware by fellow blogger. Really amazed by the attitude of this little girl

Two differently-abled/skilled boys

Wings to Fly

Another Bharatanatyam Performance

Juniors vs Seniors

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