Monday, April 6, 2009

Delhi - Almora - Kausani - Baijnath - Jageshwar - Nainital - Delhi

Himalayan Peak view - 7 km before Almora

Gandhi Ashram - Kausani

Himalayan View from Gandhi Ashram

Group of Temples - Baijnath

Group of Temples - Jageshwar

On our way back from Almora to Nainital, we accidentally came across a board which says "DHOKANE WATERFALL - 1 KM" and we got excited and headed towards that road. But after travelling 2 kms we can't find the waterfall. Then we found a local resident and he confirmed waterfall is just around the corner. Then we searched for the water fall and it was way below our current place. Then we trekked for sometime and finally reached the waterfall.

You can see some thick white line in this picture and that is "Dhokane Waterfall"

Even though, the water fall is so small, the time we spent is too good. No one is there except a door keeper. Also, there is a small temple on the side of the water fall

Nainital Lake

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