Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Delhi to Chenai - Day 2

Some temple enroute to thane

Some temple enroute to thane

Don’t know the exact name of this place

Crossing mumbai - bypass route suggested by a friend

Fasten Seat belt again :-)

Gear up ……….

Ready 2 go

Here we are National Expressway 2

Inside a tunnel

Food plaa on NE2


Some beautiful buildings in Pune

Enroute to Haveri


thilaga said...

nice trip right.....

Prem Arora said...

Nice clicks buddy..
wish u a great year ahead, lots of fun traveling.

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World of Photography said...

Thanks for your comments.. I am very poor in narrating... so most of the time I leave it to the pics do the talking... so it will give different dimensions as people look the same picture differently... Anyway will try to write more..

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